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 Michigan Chess Association State Title Event


​Michigan Scholastic Club



The 2016 Michigan Scholastic Club was held on November 12 at the Lansing Center in downtown Lansing.

Section Club Champion​s Individual ​Champions
​K-12 ​Detroit City Chess Club ​Adam Dehollander, Bryan Wilson Jr, Micale Garland
K-8 ​Detroit City Chess Club ​David Makarczyk, Andrew Friedman
​K-5 ​Holland Chess Academy Charlie Reese
​K-3 Okemos​ Jason Shi, ​Ashrith Mathiyazhagan

​Reports Individual ​Crosstable Individual ​Standings Club Standings
K-12 K-12 Crosstable
K-12 Standings
K-12 Clubs
​K-8 K-8 Crosstable
K-8 Standings
K-8 Clubs
​K-5 K-5 Crosstable
K-5 Standings
K-5 Clubs
​K-3 K-3 Crosstable K-3 Standings
K-3 Clubs​

 Michigan Scholastic Club History

LansingNovember 122016USCF

 Current Champion




2016K-12 ClubDetroit City Chess Club
2016K-12 IndividualAdam Dehollander
2016K-12 IndividualBryan Wilson Jr
2016K-12 IndividualMicale Garland
2016K-8 ClubDetroit City Chess Club
2016K-8 IndividualDavid Makarczyk
2016K-8 IndividualAndrew Friedman
2016K-5 ClubHolland Chess Academy
2016K-5 IndividualCharlie Reese
2016K-3 ClubOkemos
2016K-3 IndvidualJason Shi
2016K-3 IndvidualAshrith Mathiyazhagan
2011K-12 ClubJ-FORCE
2011K-8 ClubTroy All-Stars
2011K-5 ClubJ-FORCE
2011K-3 ClubMichigan Chess Academy