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 Michigan Chess Association State Title


​Michigan Open

The Michigan Open is our state championship, traditionally held over Labor Day weekend.  The 2012 Michigan Open was held from August 31st to September 3rd in Troy.  Details below.



Atulya Shetty repeats as 2012 Michigan State Champion
Round 7 Top Boards

Round 7, Boards 1 and 2.  Top seeds Atulya Shetty (right front) and FM Seth Homa (right rear) both fought back from Round 2 upsets to the first two boards in Round 7.  Expert Thomas Hartwig could not stop Shetty; expert Ameer Ghobrial lost to Homa. 
Photo Credit: Sharat Shetty
Details will follow!  You can find four games annotated by FM Seth Homa, clear second, here: 
Greg Bailey should be hearing footsteps...
David Meyer
Photo courtesy of Holland Chess Academy
Atulya Shetty is our 2011 Michigan State Champion
Round 7, Board 1. Kevin Czuhai could not stop Atulya Shetty. Atulya now joins FM Seth Homa as Michigan's second active 2300 player!
Photo Courtesy of Rose Homa
From the Michigan Chess Association Facebook Page:
Congratulations to our new Michigan Open Champion Atulya Shetty! Justin Aldrich won the reserve section, Dr. Ed Mandell won the booster.
In the well-attended annual meeting, Jennifer Skidmore was elected President, Alan Kaufman Vice President, Jeff Aldrich Treasurer, and Stan Jarosz Recording Secretary.
Booster Winner Dr. Ed Mandel
Photo Courtesy of Rose Homa
Port Huron Chess Club's third board holds Reserve Winner Justin Aldrich to a draw in their round 7 match-up.
Photo Courtesy of Rose Homa
Jeff "Ironman" Aldrich squares off against Justin Chen
Photo Courtesy of Rose Homa
Traverse City Tournament Director (and "chess dad") Peter Meyer helped new Michigan Chess Association President Jenny Skidmore run a smooth tournament. Here is their USCF Tournament Director's Rating Report:
Photo courtesy of Rose Homa
Apurva Virkud beat Life Master Eric Fischvogt in the 7th round to secure clear 2nd.
Apurva Virkud
Photo courtesy of Rose Homa
In her fourth round game, Apurva found a resourceful saving move:

Catlin - Virkud, Round 4
Black to Play (solution below)
There is also a fine selection of event photos on the Michigan Chess Association Facebook page here:
Solution. Catlin - Virkud. 62...Rxe3+!! 63.Kxe3 g1Q+ 64.Rxg1 Ba7+ 65.Ke4 Bxg1 and with the bishops of opposite colors, the endgame is easily drawn, Andy Catlin - Apurva Virkud, 2011 Michigan Open.

 Michigan Open History

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 Current Champion


​​Atulya Shetty
Current Michigan Champion Atulya Shetty
  Photo Credit:  Sharat Shetty


 Michigan State Chess Champions

2011Atulya Shetty
2010Rogelio Antonio
2009Dave Kvatadze
2008Ben Finegold
2007Rogelio Antonio

 Reserve Champions

2011Justin Aldrich
2010Ron Grzegorczyk
2009Peter Chen
2008Jack Wood
2007Roger Jia & Joe Meyer

 Booster Champions

2011Dr. Ed Mandell
2010Mike Day
2009Shango Liao
2008Jeff Futrell
2007Berkman Sahiner