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Congratulations to our 2016 Michigan Open Champion, FM Andrew Hubbard, who took clear first place with 6 points.

We also inducted 2 new members into the Michigan Chess Association Hall of Fame (John Brooks & Paul Grams)

The next 30 events are listed. If you wish to see additional events, click on the Arrow at the bottom of Upcoming Events.


 Upcoming Events

1/2/20171/23/2017RosevilleChess Tournament
1/17/20171/17/2017FlintChess Tournament
1/21/20171/21/2017DetroitChess Tournament
1/22/20171/22/2017TroyChess Tournament
1/29/20171/29/2017CantonChess Tournament
1/31/20171/31/2017FlintChess Tournament
2/4/20172/4/2017Auburn HillsMCA Championship
2/19/20172/19/2017TroyChess Tournament
2/19/20172/19/2017CantonChess Tournament
2/21/20172/21/2017FlintChess Tournament
2/25/20172/25/2017RochestoerMCA Championship
2/25/20172/25/2017RochesterMCA Championship
3/4/20173/4/2017DetroitChess Tournament
3/14/20173/14/2017FlintChess Tournament
3/19/20173/19/2017TroyChess Tournament
3/25/20173/26/2017RochesterMCA Championship
4/1/20174/1/2017DetroitChess Tournament
4/11/20174/11/2017FlintChess Tournament
4/23/20174/23/2017TroyChess Tournament
5/21/20175/21/2017TroyChess Tournament
5/23/20175/23/2017FlintChess Tournament
6/3/20176/4/2017LansingMCA Championship
6/13/20176/13/2017FlintChess Tournament
6/18/20176/18/2017TroyChess Tournament



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​2016 Michigan Open - Michigan Champion
Andrew Hubbard
Michigan Chess Association