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Call for Nominations

The Michigan Chess Association Wants You!

Positions: Officers

Elections for Michigan Chess Association Offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be held at the Annual General Membership Meeting at the upcoming 2017 Michigan Open. Whether you are an active or inactive Michigan chess player or the parent of a Michigan chess player, if you are a Michigan Chess Association member, your candidacy is welcome. Please contact Election Committee Chair, Loren Schwiebert, at if you want to be a candidate for any of these positions.

Each candidate is encouraged to write a brief statement for the website. If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible. Candidates may also be nominated from the floor at the Annual Meeting. If you have not yet been involved in the organization and are interested in helping promote chess in Michigan, these are good positions to help support the growth of the Michigan Chess Association.

And Don’t Forget…

The Membership Meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 3, 2017 at the 2017 Michigan Open. MCA members stand up and make your voices heard!

The next 30 events are listed. If you wish to see additional events, click on the Arrow at the bottom of Upcoming Events.


 Upcoming Events

6/3/20176/4/2017LansingMCA Championship
6/5/20176/26/2017RosevilleChess Tournament
6/10/20176/10/2017Traverse CityChess Tournament
6/10/20176/10/2017RosevilleChess Tournament
6/13/20176/13/2017FlintChess Tournament
6/17/20176/17/2017ROSEVILLE, MIChess Tournament
6/18/20176/18/2017TroyChess Tournament
6/24/20176/24/2017CantonChess Tournament
6/24/20176/24/2017RosevilleChess Tournament
7/10/20177/31/2017RosevilleMonth-Long Chess Tournament
7/15/20177/16/2017RosevilleChess Tournament
7/16/20177/16/2017TroyChess Tournament
7/18/20177/18/2017FlintChess Tournament
8/12/20178/13/2017FlintMCA Championship
8/15/20178/15/2017FlintChess Tournament
8/19/20178/20/2017BrimleyChess Tournament
8/20/20178/20/2017TroyChess Tournament
9/1/20179/4/2017DearbornMCA Championship
9/2/20179/2/2017DearbornMCA Championship
9/12/20179/12/2017FlintChess Tournament
9/17/20179/17/2017TroyChess Tournament
9/26/201710/24/2017FlintChess Tournament
9/30/20179/30/2017DetroitChess Tournament
10/22/201710/22/2017TroyChess Tournament
10/28/201710/28/2017DetroitChess Tournament
11/14/201711/14/2017FlintChess Tournament
11/19/201711/19/2017TroyChess Tournament
12/10/201712/10/2017TroyChess Tournament
12/16/201712/16/2017DetroitChess Tournament
12/19/201712/19/2017FlintChess Tournament
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​2016 Michigan Open - Michigan Champion
Andrew Hubbard
Michigan Chess Association