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Michigan Chess Association


Calendar: Michigan Elementary/Primary Team Championship

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Michigan Elementary/Primary Team Championship


Auburn Hills

Start Time

2/4/2017 8:30 AM

End Time

2/4/2017 8:30 PM


See listing below for specific event times and details.


MCA Championship

All Day Event






Baker College Student Center


1500 University Dr


Auburn Hills







5 Round Swiss

5 Sections (K-6 Championship, K-5 Championship, K-5 Reserve (U300), K-3 Championship, K-3 Reserve (U150)) - Average Team Rating Calculator:​

  • ​​Teams: All players on a team must be full time students at the same school. Each Team consists of 4 Players. Team May Play with 3, or include an Alternate for 5 total. See below for Home School exceptions.
  • Board Order: MCA Standing Rule 84-03: Regarding board order in team tournaments: Rated players should generally be placed in rating order; unrated players may be placed anywhere. This should be done with fairness in mind: The strongest player on each team should play on first board, no matter whether he has a relatively high or low rating or is unrated. The tournament director may, at his discretion, change submitted player placements, after considering evidence from various sources (non-USCF ratings, other coaches, etc.). (Adopted 06/21/84).
  • Extra Rated Games: Each round, Fourth boards without an opponent and alternates are paired randomly so they can play rated games. These games are optional and players are not guaranteed a game. Points scored in these matches DO NOT count for individual medals.
  • Equipment: Boards and Pieces are provided for tournament games. Bring your own set for skittles between rounds.
  • Bring Clocks: Games may start without clocks, but games running long will have a clock placed on them with very little time.
  • Notation: All players must record the moves of their game until one player has less than 5 minutes remaining on the clock.
  • Cell Phones: No Players may have cell phone in their possession during their game.
  • Spectators: Parents and Coaches will be separated from the playing area once games begin.

USCF and MCA Memberships Required​

Eligibility Requirement for Scholastic Team Tournaments:

               1. Each team is composed of 3-5 players who are full-time students at the SAME school building each day. The school building is a public, private, or charter school. A building may enter as many teams as they choose.

               2. Home-schooled and part-time students will be permitted to join these teams on a case by case basis after meeting the following requirements.

                    a. There will not be more than 1 home-schooled or part-time student per team.

          b. The building principal will write a letter of support for each student that is e-mailed to the tournament director at least two weeks prior to the event in question.

c. The student in question can only represent one school building during each academic year.

d. ​​The student in​​​ question must reside within the residential boundaries required for attendance at the school building in question.​​​

Time Control



​9am - 11am - 1pm -  3pm -  5pm

Entry Fee

​$16 Advance by 1/30/2017 (All players must be registered by this date to allow for processing).

All mailed entries must be postmarked by 1/27/2017


Online registration: (Preferred Method)

If an invoice is needed for school payment, please contact the TD by 1/23/2017 to allow time for processing.


​Online registration:

Do not send cash.  Make all checks or money orders payable to Michigan Chess Association

Players are registered individually. When registering online, register players by school (not by team). Coaches will submit Team Rosters by Wednesday before event. $10 Processing Fee per Team for Roster / Section changes after that Wednesday. Rosters will be posted on the MCA website ( under respective “Team” areas. Coaches should confirm Rosters in Advance.

Teams must be paid in advance and will be paired for round 1. No need to check in.  Coaches/Parents should inform TD before 8:15 if one of their players will not be present. Processing Fee of $3 deducted for withdrawn entries. No refunds will be given for anyone who is paired for the first round.  Coaches should email the TD their club rosters in the week before the tournament.


Championship Sections: ​Top 10 teams + all at 3.5 points

Reserve Section: Top 7 teams + all at 3.5 points

Both Sections: Board Prize Medals: Gold 5 pts, Silver 4-4.5 pts, Bronze 3.5 pts


Jeff Aldrich

P.O. Box 40, Flint, MI 48501


Note: Due to work obligations, I am typically unable to answer the phone during the day Monday-Friday. The best way to reach me is by e-mail. Post questions to the E-Bulletin. Others may have the same question.​​​

Submitters Email










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